Company Profile

Renaissance Outdoor Advertising, Inc. (ROA) is a locally owned and operated company that has been in business in Citrus County since 1988. We have the premier billboard locations in Citrus County. Our lighted, steel monopole structures, with automatic changeable message faces, are the most cost effective form of advertising in Citrus County. Our billboards will make your business known to tens of thousands of Citrus County residence and visitors each day.

What do we do?

Through the use of our strategically located billboards, we introduce you to your customer/client and your business becomes more successful. Using our billboards, your name becomes the first thing your potential customer or client thinks of when they are looking for your product or service.

Once your name is known to your potential customers/clients:

If you want highly visible lighted billboard space that is located in key traffic areas of Citrus County, we have what you are looking for.

Does Billboard Advertising Really Work?

A study done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) in 1999 determined that people look at 70% of the billboards they pass and of these billboards, 63% are actually read. Automatic Changeable Message signs do even better and catch the attention of 95% of the people that pass them and 87% of these people actually read the sign! The motion of the Automatic Changeable Message signs make them the most effective billboards available.

Working 24 Hours A Day

Knowing these percentages and the Daily Effective Circulation of a particular location, you can determine approximately how many people will see your advertisement each day. Just take the D.E.C. figure and multiply that figure by .441 if it is a static billboard (70% times 63%) or by .827 if it is an automatic changeable message sign billboard (95% times 87%).

Billboards are the oldest method of transmitting ideas and information. Since the dawn of man 10's of thousands of years ago, when man first began drawing on cave walls, outdoor advertising (billboards) has been the most effective and easiest way transmit your message to others.

Contact ROA and let us help you make your business more successful!